Music For Your Plants – Music For Your Plants


Music For Your Plants’ self titled EP is a hard release to tag. Although it is certainly experimental, there are clear prog rock influences and certain synth effects that call to mind the chillwave genre. The mix of sounds here is never overbearing though, and each song is carefully put together. The use of natural soundscapes is pulled off perfectly in this release, as the seagull calls and crashing waves in the song Enchanted Sister show.

The fact that this release is instrumental further highlights the care that went into making it sound just right. The synths and guitars never fight for attention and there are no vocals to draw your focus away from them. This makes for an exciting listen when you pick up new sounds and effects on every playthrough.

However, perhaps the best description of the album is in its cover art – bright, exciting and carefree. This is one to listen to in the sun.



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