Carloman – Carloman


Very rarely do you find an album as original as todays release. Put simply, Carloman is a folk album with a medieval twist, or as one tag describes, “pre-baroque pop”(!) Incorporating medieval melodies and instruments along with synths and folky choruses, Carloman manages to sound like nothing you have heard before.

Clearly theme is important for this release, which is about the younger brother of the mighty Charlemagne. As a fan of concept albums I found this made the album all the more enjoyable. Whilst I realise that the concept and/or whole medieval thing might not be everyone’s cup of tea, I suggest you give the songs March of the Beasts or Roncevaux a listen and try not to crack a smile.

A great addition to anyones music library, and a truly original release when compared to the oft-generic popular charts.



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  1. I agree,I love it,I think it’s very original.
    It’s the only thing I’ve been listening to since the release!

  2. really enjoying this. reminds me of grandaddy with the production. a very interesting twist using the medieval style instrumentation overlaid with a very etherial vocal and synths.

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