Retreat From Moscow – In Search of Home


In Search of Home is an excellent folk album, its strongest point being surprisingly honest lyrics covering a wide range of topics. As far as music goes, by keeping instrumentation reasonably simple Retreat From Moscow has a wonderfully raw feeling that will please fans of Bon Ivers earlier work. Synths appear in some tracks but never seem overdone or out of place, and whilst this release is short there is plenty to keep you listening.



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  1. really like this. ok, so the recording quality is not fantastic but that only detracts when there are not good songs to keep my mind from focusing on it (although it would be a great improvement if the cymbals sounded more airy and not a crash with very little decay!) very enjoyable arrangements and i really like the main singer’s voice.

  2. Hey, this is my album mate. I just wanted to clarify that it’s a solo project. Yeah the sound isn’t top notch but hell I recorded it in my bedroom with one microphone. I think that if songs can keep the album going, the production is what comes next. Thanks for listening

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