The Mad Pride – Various Tracks


The Mad Pride is the brainchild of Rowan Galagher. Fusing together various genres including folk, neoclassical, darkwave, post-rock and psychdelica, The Mad Pride has drawn comparisons with artists such as Syd Barrett, David Bowie, Radiohead and Leonard Cohen. The previous description is almost identical to my own introduction to this artist, so you can see why I was instantly intrigued as to what this sort of mix would sound like! All I can say is that this is some seriously great music, and hard to pin down without giving it a listen. Polar Sunspots is no reviewing site, so if you still aren’t sold you can find one over at the ever fantastic inb4track.

You can also download a selection of songs on The Mad Pride’s Soundcloud, Facebook and Reverbnation pages for free. If you enjoy the music and wish to contribute to the artist, you can purchase his album Scary Poppins (pictured) for a mere $5 at Bandcamp.


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