Polar Sunspots 2011 Round Up


Hey guys, since it’s somehow 2012 tomorrow (where did the time go?!) I thought I would post a Polar Sunspots 2011 top ten. These are the albums I’ve posted and found particularly impressive this year. This will give you a chance to grab some great music you might have missed out on since the blog started. You can click through the artist names to more in-depth description. Enjoy!

10) Music For Your Plants – Music For Your Plants

Gorgeous experimental, instrumental rock with a synth twist.


9) Heavy Strife – SynthĂ©tiseur

Upbeat synthpop with an occasionally moody undertone and well placed guitar.


8) New Savages – New Savages

Experimental indie rock with post-punk elements that moves between melodic and aggressive.


7) Ripple’Field – Hypernebula

Spaced out, textural synthpop from one half of the experimental rock duo Airs.


6) Technicolor Lenses – New Eyes

Brilliantly produced hip-hop album that successfully draws from a wide range of genres.


5) Le Chevalier – Dancer

Experimental indie pop with brilliant depth and variety.


4) Underwater Seacreatures – EP

Beat driven chillwave with a dark, punchy edge.

3) Strangelets – Summer Forever EP

Mellowed out Los Angeles shoegaze release with brit-pop influences.


2) Carloman – Carloman

Medieval themed folk with a wonderful synthy touch – it just works.


1) Holobody – Riverhood

Wonderfully eclectic album that spans folk, pop and gospel. Gorgeous male/female harmonies. Consistently surprising. Has a charm that makes it more than worthy of the top spot for 2011.


Well, that about wraps it up for 2011. Here’s to a new year filled with even more great music!


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